“Mastering CISO Engagement: Factors Influencing Event Participation”

Princeton, NJ – September 13, 2023 – CyberTheory, in partnership with CyberEdBoard, an exclusive community of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and C-Suites, is excited to announce their second upcoming webinar titled “Mastering CISO Engagement: Factors Influencing Event Participation.” The event featured a distinguished panel of CyberEdBoard C-Suite members: Krista Arndt, CISO at United Musculoskeletal Partners; Karen Habercoss, CPO at UChicago Medicine; and Patty Ryan, CISO at QuidelOrtho.

Earlier this year, CyberTheory began this ongoing CISO series with the CyberEdBoard Community with their first webinar “Cracking the Code: How to Successfully Sell to CISOs,” which is now available on-demand. In this series, they aim to educate IT/cybersecurity vendor marketers and sales reps on how to best connect and engage with C-level Executives. CyberTheory, Information Security Media Group’s (ISMG) marketing division, is in the ideal position to distribute this series given their close partnership with the CyberEdBoard membership base.

“CyberEdBoard is thrilled to participate in another CyberTheory webinar. We understand that our CyberEdBoard Community members face an overwhelming demand on their time, with their inboxes overflowing with event invitations daily,” says Raquel Sanchez, Executive Director of CyberEdBoard. “The task of selecting the right events can be daunting. Fortunately, CyberTheory has assembled an outstanding panel of CyberEdBoard members who will help uncover the secrets behind this decision-making process.”

The webinar is designed to offer a nuanced understanding of the criteria that CISOs and C-Suites consider when deciding whether to invest their time and resources in industry events. It will explore how they perceive the value of attending large trade shows, especially given their time constraints and limited resources. The discussion will also offer insights into how these large-scale events could better adapt to meet the specific needs of CISOs in terms of content relevance and time efficiency.

In addition to large trade shows, the webinar will delve into the benefits that CISOs find in attending smaller regional summits. These intimate settings often provide targeted insights and valuable networking opportunities that are highly regarded by CISOs. The discussion will also touch upon the types of content and themes that are most appealing to C-Suite Executives and how these events align with their strategic priorities.

“IT and cybersecurity vendors are planning and budgeting, right now, which types of events to sponsor in 2024,” says Mike D’Agostino, General Manager of ISMG and CyberTheory, and webinar co-host. “With so many options from large-format trade shows to intimate executive roundtables, marketers want to understand the types of events and formats their target audiences will attend – and this webinar will arm them with that knowledge.”

The webinar aims to answer several key questions that are top of mind for anyone looking to engage CISOs effectively. These include how CISOs prioritize attending smaller, more intimate executive roundtable events, the advantages of peer-to-peer interactions in these settings, and the role of one-to-one meetings in shaping a CISO’s cybersecurity strategy and relationships with solution providers.

Attendees of the webinar can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence CISOs’ decisions to attend various types of events. They will learn how content relevance, time efficiency, and networking opportunities weigh into these decisions. Moreover, the webinar will provide insights into the benefits of smaller regional summits and one-to-one meetings, and how these align with CISOs’ strategic priorities.

Click here to register and later view the on-demand recording: https://cybertheory.io/research/mastering-ciso-engagement-factors-influencing-event-participation/

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