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Cracking the Code: How to Successfully Sell to CISOs


  • What is the best method/tactic/channel for cybersecurity vendor sales reps and marketers to engage with CISOs?
  • If cold outreach is an option, how can vendor reps respectfully connect with CISOs?
  • Who (both people and organizations) influence CISOs?
  • When/how does the “ah ha” moment happen for CISOs when they realize a new product/solution is needed within their organization?
  • What is typically the ultimate driver for investigating new solutions (regulatory mandates, response to an incident, general proactivity)?
  • And much more…


  • Erik Hart, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Robert LaMagna-Reiter, Hudl
  • Patricia Ryan, QuidelOrtho

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More Questions Answered

  • How does the product/solution discovery and investigation process happen within a CISOs organization?
  • What types of products/solutions do CISOs personally get involved with during the initial research phase and which do they rely on their teams to investigate?
  • On average, how many people/which groups are involved in product/solution buying decision?
  • Where do CISOs turn for product/solution research, day-to-day news and analysis, and to keep themselves educated?
  • And many more…

Knowledge You'll Walk Away With

With a challenging economic environment, longer sales cycles, tight budget scrutiny, and more market noise than ever – it is imperative for cybersecurity vendor marketers and sales reps to understand how to engage with CISOs and other cybersecurity product decision-makers on their terms.  To assist with those efforts we’ve put together a stellar panel of CISOs who will provide the guidelines and exact steps for creating positive engagements.

CyberEdBoard CISO Members


Erik Hart

CISO, Cushman & Wakefield


Robert LaMagna-Reiter

CISO, Hudl


Patricia Ryan

CISO, QuidelOrtho


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