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Drive tangible results and lasting success by designing an overall marketing strategy with laser-like precision, aligning your audience, timing, and channels for maximum impact.

Messaging Strategy

Words that Win: Unleash the Power of Your Messaging Strategy

The right messaging strategy is the foundation that makes all marketing tactics perform better. Develop a brand-new messaging platform… or validate your existing messaging strategy with CyberTheory.



We perform a comprehensive analysis by interviewing stakeholders and performing quantitative research, using ISMG’s 1st party intent data, keyword analysis and more.

Platform Development

Platform Development

CyberTheory then develops a messaging and positioning platform to tell your unique story and to resonate with your target buyers.

The platform is tested with CyberTheory’s CISO Advisory Board, providing a 2nd layer of validation and real insights to enhance messaging strategy.

Learn more about our CISO Advisory Board

Persona Targeting

Unlock Your Ideal Audience

Know your customers and speak to their needs through persona targeting and development. Cybersecurity buyers are savvy, with very particular technology needs. We use proprietary quantitative data, as well as qualitative insights, to profile your buyer personas, mapping their special qualities to your unique value proposition


CyberTheory's persona creation methodology uses 3 industry best practices: proto-persona, qualitative persona, and statistical persona. This fundamental approach is backed by 1st party intent data, blind testing, and proprietary analysis.

Understand your buyers

Understand your buyers, influencers and practitioners

CyberTheory personas include details on seniority, job function, influence, channel and information sources, association affiliations, trending intent topics, company firmographics, key challenges, purchase drivers and inhibitors, and more.

Content Creation

Creative Fuel: Supercharge Your Marketing with Strategic Content Creation

Content fuels all of marketing. Is your current strategy effective?

Our strategists can audit your organization’s current content plan, determine its performance, and support filling in gaps against strategic goals. We build cybersecurity content that connects with prospects, helps them engage with your brand, and persuades them to progress toward opportunities and won deals.

Full-service content strategy support, from ideation to execution:

Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis

CyberTheory assesses your content against competition, market trends and desired KPIs. Compare available content with the organization’s mission/vision to determine what’s needed to win in strategic segments.

Content aligned

Content Aligned with the
Buyer's Journey

After conducting a content gap analysis, CyberTheory marketing strategists will create a content asset plan mapped against the Buyer's Journey aligned with your unique goals in order to move contacts to sales-ready status.

What’s Our Secret Sauce?

We get asked all the time – how do you create content that creates so much engagement with the intended target audience?!

It starts with exclusive access to a dataset of over 1 million cybersecurity professionals interacting with content across the world’s largest B2B media network focused on cybersecurity.