Cybersecurity Lead Generation

After Content Conception Comes Lead Generation

Once content is conceived and produced, it needs to be set free, make its mark on the world and ultimately create an impact. By utilizing owned and paid channels, our marketing advisors take a careful, precise, and meaningful approach to cybersecurity lead generation.  We are passionate about connecting the right people, processes, and technology to guide prospects down the sales funnel.

Cybersecurity Stakeholders Have Limited Time and Patience

Because the world of information security moves fast, cybersecurity stakeholders have limited time and an even shorter attention span for empty promises.  Our cybersecurity lead generation strategy focuses on relationship building with every interaction: from acquisition to retention. Because we define success metrics on day one, every single communication targeting a prospect is inherently designed to build credibility and trust, one small step at a time.

Our Lead Strategy and Execution is Hyper-Focused on The Cybersecurity Reality

The path to revenue begins with eliminating doubt, uncertainty, and indecisiveness in every lead interaction. Our advisory team looks at past lead behavior for insights. CyberTheory’s vast data model on cybersecurity lead generation campaigns, segmented by persona and vendor assists us in deciding the most appropriate channels, platforms, and technologies to reach and connect with your target audience.

We know what’s worked before and what to avoid. For example, realistic messaging for CISOs is crucial. With the inundation of vendors promising to eradicate any security problem, CISOs and their cohorts often take a skeptical stance towards over-promising marketing communications. In the real world the security environment is ever-changing and there are never any guarantees. As CISO Gary Hayslip says:

“The reason is that one lesson I have learned in my four previous roles as a CISO is the only thing that I would ever guarantee an executive team, or a board of directors that is 100% is that the threat environment is going to change continually and breaches are going to happen. Everything else is just fluff, don’t waste a CISOs time stating you do 100% coverage, 100% remediation, or 100% capturing of anything.”


Nurturing Qualified Leads Means Personalization Through Preparation

Nurturing your cybersecurity leads takes an extra amount of care because you have to understand specific issues these personas are facing in their job role. It’s never a one-message-fits-all-all approach.  Our cybersecurity lead generation strategies are designed with personalized narratives in mind. Like any good story, there’s a beginning to hook your prospect in, a middle showing how the problem is solved, and an end demonstrating the results for true closure, resulting in a new customer. Our strategists monitor engagement not only through personalized email targeting but also with targeted content repurposed and re-used across other digital channels and platforms.

Integrated Cybersecurity Media Buying and Planning

The marketing narrative is unified and continues on social media, paid retargeting, and dynamic landing pages. Depending on the nurture touchpoints appropriate for your prospect, we can even collect useful information through interactive capture tools, like security assessment surveys. This way, your sales team speaks with data for alleviating a specific security problem, not just blindly pitching a solution.

Managing Your Cybersecurity Leads Throughout The Buying Journey

As your lead moves down the funnel, and you collect more precise information, we prepare a scoring strategy based on specific behaviors. An effective cybersecurity lead generation strategy determines which leads should be followed up with directly by a sales rep and which need to be nurtured further.

We See Digital Properties The Way a Security Stakeholder Sees Them  

Our team is not simply cybersecurity marketers but practitioners of information security. We’ve been on the receiving end of cybersecurity lead generation campaigns and have real-life experience as prospects. We have engaged, reviewed, and assessed thousands of marketing assets along the way. It’s this experience that gives us knowledge and intuition on how to best structure marketing assets to achieve results. Through real-time insights and analytics, we can communicate how every portion of our lead generation strategy is performing, can cut wasteful efforts, and scale successful tactics to maximize cybersecurity lead quality.