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Cybersecurity Content Strategy


Successful cybersecurity content strategy gives marketers the competitive edge

Appetite for cybersecurity content will continue to grow as criminal activity increasingly turns to cyber. Business leaders and information security decision-makers will demand to learn about solutions to these new security challenges anytime and anywhere. A proper cybersecurity content strategy will ensure your organization can satisfy the demand for the most relevant information.  Not every content type is suited for your buyer personas. It’s critical to consider the most effective messaging so they are engaged and will have desire to move down the sales funnel. There’s lots of content out there. But is it truly satisfying your prospects’ need for information?

 “93% of [security decision makers] prefer content that is tailored for them: 54% would like the content tailored based on their industry; and 49% by tech platforms already installed in their organization. When content is considered valuable, additional steps in self-education are taken, including research on technology content sites (64%), visiting the vendor website (63%), and participating in a product demo (50%).”

Global News Wire

Content strategy begins as a scientific process, based on facts and success metrics

Our content strategists can assess your organization’s communications, determine performance, and provide recommendations to fill in deficiencies. We advise our clients on content in measurable terms, and can define how it’s connecting with prospects, aligning to business processes, and supporting the goals of your organization’s marketing function. By gauging where prospects are in the sales cycle, we create content that helps move them down the funnel and nurture their needs.

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Our team looks to the future when it’s time to build out a cybersecurity content strategy. With personalized frameworks designed to scale with business demands, we ensure your marketing team can support an ever-changing business climate.

CyberTheory’s data models maximize content performance

Our time-tested data models have analyzed content consumption across the security organization, from the CISOs and their high-level direct reports to other necessary industry stakeholders. We know what type of cybersecurity content creates engagement and a call to action for each individual cybersecurity persona.

Be your own cybersecurity publisher

Cybersecurity brands have to be their own publishers, controlling their content and story online. If you don’t own your story, someone else will tell it for you, and it may not always be in a favorable context. Our strategy results in aligning people, processes and technology to have one central content hub: your very own publishing entity.

Instead of overwhelming marketing resources, our cybersecurity content strategy results in the creation of a central repository of the right content that can be re-used and repurposed on any device, platform, and media. 

Cybersecurity marketing advisory sets your content free

To meet various consumption demands, content can take many forms. We have extensive experience managing the production of: blog posts, eBooks, case studies, white-papers, video interviews, podcasts, email narratives, datasheets, and infographics just to name a few. But at the end of the day, our strategists will only suggest the best content to achieve your business goals.  

With a defined and optimized cybersecurity content strategy in place, your marketing team can take control of all their communications with a unified message aligning to the mission and vision of the company.