Cybersecurity Event Advisory

Making the Digital Feel Personal Through Our Cybersecurity Marketing Touchpoints

Our cybersecurity event advisory services are all about optimizing the human aspect of marketing. Although we’ve had to shift all of our events to the digital sphere, the most proficient digital marketers still understand the importance of making a personal connection. All the digital content they’ve created comes to life through conversations, demonstrations, and personal anecdotes.

There’s no shortage of virtual cybersecurity events to choose from. Without the physical and travel constraints of in-person roundtable gatherings, executive retreats and industry meetups, customers are faced with a constant barrage of pitches to attend virtual events.

CyberTheory differentiates itself by creating a welcoming space for customers to open up about the challenges they’re facing today in this new work-from-home environment, which in turn generates valuable insight and equips marketers to empathize with their audience.

The shift to remote work hasn’t slowed us down. From global, national and regional conferences, you can then expand your selection to all kinds of niches and categories, from virtual roundtable gatherings to industry-specific summits to product-specific events, as well as virtual meetups for specific security professionals. The list goes on and on.

CyberTheory’s Expertise in Cybersecurity Events

We’ve seen how our cybersecurity event advisory services have helped clients close deals and advance their marketing efforts even during this time when companies are more reticent to invest in new products and services. Our team is active in cybersecurity events 365 days a year. We are known for our extensive knowledge of the space and have helped with promotion and recruitment, content preparation for presenters, sponsorship advisory and lead generation.

The Cybersecurity Event Space is cluttered

Our cybersecurity event advisory services begin by aligning your business objectives to the ideal events to invest in and attend. By building a proprietary investment matrix, we can eliminate events that will not bring value to your organization.

Cybersecurity Event Promotion

Once events have been placed on your marketing calendar, our cybersecurity event advisory team gets to work on making sure your company not only gets traction at the event but is the main attraction. Our content strategists, in collaboration with our digital marketing team, can tap into our proprietary database of over one million high-level security personas. Our mapped persona profiles allow us to target specific account lists with appealing communications that push your brand and marketing team’s offerings to the top of attendees’ interest levels.

CyberTheory’s advisors tap into a network of over 30+ sites focused exclusively on cybersecurity as well as social media and email channels reaching over 10MM cybersecurity personas. By screening event interest and tracking attendee behavior before the event, we can adjust strategies in real time.

Cybersecurity Event Content Preparation

No event is complete without compelling content. Some organizations may have certain content assets they want to distribute or promote while others may need a check-up and fine-turning. Our content strategists can work with your marketing team to craft the best kinds of presentations in your organization’s voice. This may also mean advising on engaging virtual presentation strategies as well as conducting mock presentations to provide constructive feedback.

Cybersecurity Event Data Intelligence

Our cybersecurity event advisory team’s work continues while the event is taking place. Our strategies include detailed data collection processes to ensure your marketing team leaves with detailed profiles of the attendees, their interest levels as well as other useful data points about their behavior. Our goal is for our clients to be armed with powerful data to understand their buyer’s preferences for segmented email communications long after the event. It’s this preparation and insight that accelerates the sales pipeline and closes deals.