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Mastering CISO Engagement: Factors Influencing Event Participation

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  • Specific criteria CISOs use to evaluate whether an event is worth the investment of time and resources
  • How CISOs perceive the value of attending large trade show events, considering time constraints and limited resources
  • How larger trade show events could adapt to better cater to the needs of CISOs in terms of content relevance and time efficiency
  • The benefits CISOs find in attending smaller regional summits, particularly in terms of networking and targeted insights
  • Content or themes that are most appealing to C-Suites and how these events align with their strategic priorities
  • And much more…


  • Krista Arndt, CISO, United Musculoskeletal Partners 
  • Karen Habercoss, CPO, UChicago Medicine
  • Patricia Ryan, CISO, QuidelOrtho

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More Questions Answered

  • How does a CISO prioritize attending intimate executive roundtable events that offer in-depth discussions, and what factors influence that decision to participate?
  • What are the advantages of peer-to-peer roundtable interactions and how do they contribute to a CISOs decision-making process?
  • How are one-to-one meeting events contributing to a CISOs cybersecurity strategy and relationship building with solution providers?
  • Which topics draw a CISO and C-Suite Executive to events, and what types of speakers?
  • And many more…

Knowledge You'll Walk Away With

Join us for an opportunity to hear directly from CISOs on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity events:
  • Learn the criteria they use to evaluate events, from large trade shows to intimate roundtables
  • Discover how content relevance, time efficiency, networking opportunities, and speaker types influence their decisions to attend.
  • Gain insights into the benefits of smaller regional summits and one-to-one meetings, and how these align with their strategic priorities.
  • Walk away with a clear understanding of what truly resonates with leaders in cybersecurity.

CyberEdBoard CISO and C-Suite Panel


Krista Arndt

CISO, United Musculoskeletal Partners

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Karen Habercoss

CPO, UChicago Medicine

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Patty Ryan

CISO, QuidelOrtho

CyberTheory Moderators

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Mike D'Agostino

General Manager, ISMG & CyberTheory

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Julie Jordan

Director, Marketing & Media Strategy


CyberTheory is a marketing advisory firm focused exclusively on servicing vendors in the cybersecurity space. Led by former CMOs and practicing CISOs, CyberTheory sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, data and marketing. With ISMG as their parent company, CyberTheory retains exclusive access to proprietary communities from which they gather intelligence and validate the marketing strategies executed for their clients. They provide a range of marketing agency services including branding, messaging, persona validation, creative services, copywriting and content development, media buying and plan execution, and sales acceleration including martech stack development, lead nurturing and sales qualification.

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