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When it comes to enterprise IT and cybersecurity, futurists would have us believe that artificial intelligence stands as a potential revolutionary force, offering unparalleled capabilities to detect, analyze, and counteract threats. Yet, for vendors, effectively positioning AI-enhanced solutions to Chief Information Officers, Technology Officers, Security Officers, and others demands a refined approach distinct from conventional sales strategies. This webinar is crafted for vendor marketers and sales representatives aiming to adeptly market their AI-enhanced products to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


  • Exploring the foundational concerns and current understanding of AI in businesses, especially from a CISO perspective.
  • The governance and privacy risks associated with AI deployment and strategies for managing these risks.
  • Best practices for maintaining data privacy in AI applications and implementations.
  • Specific AI use cases in security products and services, and their real-world applications.
  • Outlining criteria for evaluating AI-enhanced products, including effective vendor pitching strategies.
  • And much more…

*CyberEdBoard is the premier members-only community of CISOs and industry experts in the fields of security and IT.

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Jon Washburn

CISO, Stoel Rives LLP, a leading U.S. corporate and litigation law firm providing high-quality services to sophisticated business clients at every stage of their evolution.

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Heather West

Senior Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions, Venable LLP, a trusted firm covering all areas of regulatory and government affairs, corporate and business law, intellectual property, and complex litigation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding AI in Business: The importance of comprehending AI technology, its adoption in the industry, and the specific perspectives of CISOs.

  • AI Risk Management: The critical risks of AI deployment, particularly in governance and data privacy, and the development of effective management strategies.

  • AI, Innovation, and Compliance: Balancing technological innovation with regulatory compliance, a significant challenge for large, global organizations.

  • AI in Security and Product Evaluation: Exploration of AI’s practical use cases in security and the criteria for evaluating AI-enhanced security solutions, including their effectiveness and integration.

CyberTheory Moderators


Mike D'Agostino

General Manager, ISMG & CyberTheory


Julie Jordan

Director, Marketing & Media Strategy

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CyberTheory is a marketing advisory firm focused exclusively on servicing vendors in the cybersecurity space. Led by former CMOs and practicing CISOs, CyberTheory sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, data and marketing. With ISMG as their parent company, CyberTheory retains exclusive access to proprietary communities from which they gather intelligence and validate the marketing strategies executed for their clients. They provide a range of marketing agency services including branding, messaging, persona validation, creative services, copywriting and content development, media buying and plan execution, and sales acceleration including martech stack development, lead nurturing and sales qualification.

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CyberEdBoard is the premier members-only community of CISOs and industry experts in the fields of security and IT. Membership in Information Security Media Group’s CyberEdBoard provides executives with a powerful peer-driven collaborative ecosystem and library of exclusive resources to address complex challenges shared by CISOs and senior security leaders worldwide. Executive members use the CyberEdBoard engagement platform to further enhance their professional brands, create and exchange member-exclusive resources, obtain accredited education and content, contribute in the executive mentor marketplace and seamlessly connect with senior security peers and experts around the world.