Cybersecurity Leaders Are Losing Control in a Distributed Education Ecosystem


A CyberTheory Technology Briefing

Trends in Cybersecurity for Increased, Enterprise Wide Education and Training

The data points and co-indicators contained in this research report argue against traditional approaches to education and training. These unhelpful educational trends developed in spite of programs that tried to create a culture of security consciousness throughout the enterprise.

Not only did they fail to accomplish their goals, they worked in opposition to those goals by creating an environment where these negative tendencies flourished.

Cybersecurity leaders today are burned out, overworked and practice in an “always-on” mode. This is a direct reflection of how elastic the role has been over the past decade due to the growing misalignment of expectations from stakeholders within their organizations.

At the same time, new concepts have emerged. Take a look at our analysis of these new models and our predictions for cybersecurity leaders by downloading your free copy of the report.