CISO Media Consumption Habits: 2019 Q3


An In-Depth Research Study

See if your marketing strategy is aligned with what the world’s most important CISOs care about.

We constantly track the activity of 1,875 CISOs who participate with us in events, surveys, interviews, roundtables and panel discussions. Because we have established trusted long-term relationships with most of these industry leaders, our research accurately reflects the most pressing topics and issues the community at large is concerned with.

For the first time, available to the cybersecurity marketing public, we provide the detailed insights and analysis of all our advisory clients have long benefited from. We approach cybersecurity marketing from a defined industry scope, leveraging data signals from millions of digital and in-person touch points, not hype or prediction. It’s this scientific  specificity that has allowed us to operate as a think tank comprised of journalists, data scientists, and industry veterans. With over 100+ years of combined industry knowledge, we have had the privilege  to advise on the most challenging cybersecurity marketing scenarios and produce groundbreaking results.

Key Data

  • Incident and Breach Response is the most engaging content topic of the quarter.
  • 59% of CISOs prefer editorial content
  • Vulnerability Management the most engaging topic for in-person events
  • 70% of the most active CISOs have surging intent on editorial topics dealing with Cybercrime

Chapter Preview

  • Time-frame – Among the hundreds of data breaches that occurred during the third quarter of 2019, more than 637 million customer records were stolen.
  • Industry Breakdown – It may seem like common sense for organizations to properly position and support the security leader to succeed, but it’s not common practice.
  • Impending CISO Challenges – The intersection of legacy IT and modern cloud technologies has created a hybrid world where centralized computing is shrinking as most critical workloads are shifting to the edge.
  • Company Size Breakdown – We breakdown all our company data-sets from 500+ Employees to 10,000+.
  • Network Overview – Our global digital network encompasses over 1 million security professionals
  • Activities Tracked – Email remains the channel of choice for CISOs.
  • Most Engaging Content Topics – Our analysis goes into depth on why, and how you can leverage this information.
  • Most Engaging Content Types – What we find is that beginning with editorial content around the most active topics, our audience dives deeper into whitepapers,webinars and in-person events.
  • Top Content Pieces – Learn why an article about Fortinet and Pulse Secure, became the most compelling piece of content that CISOs were following during the quarter
  • Top Brand Engagement – Highest performing vendors are in the fields of account takeover protection, network security and behavioral analytics, just to name a few.
  • In-Person Events – CISOs are gravitating towards intimate, smaller, much more topically-focused events.
  • Special RSA Conference Coverage and Post Media Influence – The hottest security agenda discussed at the conference and afterwards.
  • Intent by Topic – Dive into our proprietary first-party data, also known as intent data is segmented by our marketing operations team.
  • Closing Thoughts and Looking Forward – Insights and guidance  on what to look for in the next quarter.