2022 Performance Summary


Summarizing the Global Cybersecurity Performance for 2022

Instead of using data to describe threats, breaches and compromises by category, we analyzed cyber incident data from a group of companies representing different industries to tell us the story of the main cyber risks that grew in 2022 and are likely to present serious issues in cybersecurity challenges in 2023.

We think that reporting on ransomware is a good service for those who need to better prepare for that class of attack, but there are so many who do that already, we had nothing new to add and didn’t see the need. It was similar for human error and poor hygiene.

There is no question but that those three threats (ransomware, human error and hygiene) will lead the way next year. But, again, they have been reported and advised to death. If people don’t recognize that hygiene is a huge problem and still can’t figure out how to attend to the solution, nothing we can say will help them.

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