2021 Case Study: How an MSSP Repositioned Itself to Become a Leader in a New Market Category


Abacode was in need of a new and compelling brand story that would transport them above the wall of noise.

If every vendor in a given cybersecurity category is characterized with a specific set of offerings that they must provide in order to be seen as competitive, it becomes difficult to create a single point of differentiation (POD) that any one vendor can seize and leverage for positioning.

In fact, Gartner made a business out of providing just those characteristics within each category and became a trusted source for their objective reviews, saving their audience a lot of time and cost trying to choose one vendor amidst many.

Casting about for possible solutions, Abacode’s executive team turned toward CyberTheory based on our unique combination of Cybersecurity Industry expertize, branding and creative talent.