CyberTheory presents their new and improved marketing-centric website, honing in on their expert marketing skills. 

Princeton, NJ – May 22, 2023 – CyberTheory, Information Security Media Group (ISMG)’s marketing advisory division, is thrilled to present the launch of their new website. Designing and nurturing a digital masterpiece was a journey that required an unyielding dedication to better understand their audience, their desires, and their unique needs, so that the final creation resonates with their core target audience – cybersecurity marketers. 

The general landscape of this new website represents the broad scope of CyberTheory’s services that have evolved over time, and now, more accurately presents what their clients are looking for. CyberTheory sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, data, and marketing, and redesigning their website brings this positioning front-and-center.  

Visitors will find information on services that match the needs of current cybersecurity marketers: demand acceleration programs meant to speed up the flow of leads from top to bottom-of-funnel; cybersecurity content creation packages providing support to marketers as they scramble to feed a new generation of buyers who prefer to research on their own via digital content assets as opposed to engaging directly with sales reps; and information on outsourced BDR services meant to replace and/or supplement in house sales development teams. 

“We’re so pleased to deliver this new CyberTheory experience for our clients and visitors,” said Julie Jordan, Director of Marketing and Media Strategy. “It showcases our unique approach of combining proven strategic marketing approaches, CISO-level cybersecurity expertise, and exclusive access to ISMG’s intent data from 1M+ cybersecurity subscribers. This website is a great first step to learn more about CyberTheory and how we can help cybersecurity marketers find, engage, and win over cybersecurity buyers,” she concluded.  

Unlike any other marketing advisory firm, CyberTheory maintains full access to a massive set of first-party contact-level intent data from the world’s largest and most comprehensive media networks focused on cybersecurity: ISMG. CyberTheory is at the forefront of intent data utilization, which is described in detail within a Data section of their new website. And further expanding on their data-centric approach, their own research is also brought to the forefront of their new website. You’ll find multiple reports produced in conjunction with Cyentia Institute, which analyzes gigabytes of first-party contact-level intent data from the ISMG network. This data provides insight into the type of content creating the most engagement with various audiences including CISOs. In addition, CyberTheory has highlighted their most recent webinar, “Cracking the Code: How to Successfully Sell to CISOs,” which features three enterprise CISOs from the CyberEdBoard Community (ISMG’s CISO-only peer-to-peer networking community). During the webinar, these CISOs provide a blueprint to viewers on how to (and how not to) best engage with potential buyers. 

Embarking on this digital voyage, CyberTheory orchestrated the rebranding of their podcast interview series: Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, infusing it with a magnetic allure for marketers, featuring the brilliant minds of Kamil Karmali, the Sr. Global Manager of OT Cybersecurity Consulting Services for Rockwell Automation, and Mary Owen, the VP of Marketing and Demand Generation Strategy for KnowBe4, to name a few. Together, these marketing experts weave a tapestry of entertainment and enlightenment, inviting B2B marketers into a realm where cybersecurity and marketing takes the center stage.  

“With so much client work over the past year, it’s taken us a bit of time to get our own house in order but I’m proud of the team for taking our new presence online. We’ve done a tremendous job conveying how plugged in we are to the cybersecurity space, and how our intent-data approach separates us from all other marketing agencies,” said Mike D’Agostino, General Manager of ISMG and CyberTheory. 

Unveiling their redesigned website, CyberTheory looks forward to this new era and eagerly anticipates the profound impact it will have on their company’s journey in the realms of cybersecurity marketing. The stage is set, now we await the achievements that this new face of CyberTheory will bring, propelling our company to new heights and establishing us as trailblazers in the cybersecurity landscape. 

About CyberTheory 

CyberTheory is a marketing advisory firm focused exclusively on servicing vendors in the cybersecurity space. Led by former CMOs and practicing CISOs, CyberTheory sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, data and marketing. With ISMG as their parent company, CyberTheory retains exclusive access to proprietary communities from which they gather intelligence and validate the marketing strategies executed for their clients. They provide a range of marketing agency services including branding, messaging, persona validation, creative services, copywriting and content development, media buying and plan execution, and sales acceleration including martech stack development, lead nurturing and sales qualification.  

About ISMG 

Information Security Media Group (ISMG) is a global education and intelligence company focused on cybersecurity. ISMG maintains the world’s largest network devoted solely to information security and risk management. Each of our thirty media properties provides education, research and news, specifically tailored to key vertical sectors including banking, healthcare and the public sector; geographies from North America to Southeast Asia; and topics such as data breach prevention, cyber risk assessment and fraud. Our annual global summit series connects senior security professionals with industry thought leaders to find actionable solutions for pressing cybersecurity challenges.