Stepping into a Digital-First Economy

In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Brooks also discusses:

  • Possible attribution of the SolarWinds and Accellion hacks;
  • Our national state of cybersecurity preparedness;
  • And his long-term outlook for cybersecurity defense. 

Brooks is a widely respected cybersecurity thought leader, influencer and technology evangelist. He currently heads his own consultancy and is an adjunct faculty at Georgetown University’s Applied Intelligence Program and graduate Cybersecurity Programs. He is named Top Tech Person To Follow by LinkedIn, Named Top 5 Cybersecurity Exec to Watch, Georgetown U Faculty, 2X Presidential Appointee, FORBES Contributor, Cybersecurity, Emerging Tech SME, Influencer, 66k LI Followers

We can’t avoid it any longer, we’re digital people living in a digital world. We have digital identities, make online purchases, work from remote offices and almost everything we do is conducted digitally. It’s no wonder that the biggest challenges we face today are digital as well, including the many major breaches we’ve been seeing.

Brooks weighs in on the challenges we are currently facing in the wake of the SolarWinds and Accellion hacks. He also addresses what he thinks is the best path forward to bring security to the forefront and make strides to improve our national state of readiness:

We need to make cybersecurity a number one challenge and put the best minds [behind it] like we did with the Manhattan Project. … There’s no ultimate solution. But we could certainly put up barriers, do some basic things, in addition to cyber hygiene, to make our futures more protected from what it is right now.