Recognizing and Adapting to the New Reality

In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Wright also discusses:

  • The SolarWinds and Accellion breaches and attribution of the attacks;
  • How to secure critical infrastructure and the failure of Congress to understand the technical issues;
  • Adapting our environment to the new reality;
  • And predictions and expectations for the future of cybersecurity. 

Morgan Wright is Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne and an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy. His landmark testimony before Congress on changed how the government collected personally identifiable information. He has made hundreds of appearances on national news, radio, print and web, and has spoken to audiences around the world.

Previously Wright was a Senior Advisor in the U.S. State Department Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for the 2012 Republican National Convention. In addition to 18 years in state and local law enforcement, Wright has developed solutions in defense, justice and intelligence for the largest technology companies in the world. 

The world has definitely changed since a year ago when the coronavirus pandemic along with worldwide lockdowns were beginning to spread. Digital transformation also swept rapidly through industries and organizations as companies sought ways to keep their employees working safely from home. But as Wright explains in his conversation with Steve King, director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services at CyberTheory, there’s a sharp distinction between accepting the current state as a new “normal” and recognizing and adapting to the new reality.

A phrase we need to ban is this whole [phrase] called a ‘new normal’. Normal means it’s acceptable, we just need to accept it and move on. No. You can’t accept what’s going on right now. Now, it is the new reality. You take the world as you find it, not as you wish it was. So you take the world as you find it, it’s your new reality each day, and what you have to do is … make yourself a harder target. You have to make it harder to penetrate your organization.