Cyberspace: The Next Domain

In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Devonshire also discusses:

  • Her career path moving from the liberal arts into cybersecurity;
  • Attribution of the SolarWinds and other recent attacks;
  • And her outlook on the field of modern digital forensics

Mika Devonshire is an internationally recognized cybercrime investigator and information security practitioner. Her technical specialization is in digital forensics and incident response and her understanding of the threat landscape and attack lifecycle draws on years of experience helping clients assess their security exposure and implement mitigation strategies. Devonshire currently works in digital forensics and incident response at  S-RM and serves as a member of the Review Board for the Black Hat Security Conference (Asia and US).

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of cybersecurity professionals with the skills needed to wage the war of securing cyberspace. Devonshire noticed this gap and decided to join the fight and join the field of digital forensics, making a pivot from her previous area of academic interest in comparitive literature. She’s now a world-renown digital forensics investigator. When speaking about the major problems and successes that she sees in digital forensics today, Devonshire remarked:

One thing that’s been clear and rather successful in the past several years is this surge in cyber insurance or structured responses to incidents. … It’s clear that you need to bring in at least a law firm, a forensics investigation IR firm and some sort of breach coach or responsible party that can navigate and control the communications [between parties].