Confronting the Reality of the SolarWinds Attack


In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Sels also discusses:

  • The tricky nature of sorting out attribution of the attack;
  • Lessons learned and how the security community is handling the breach;
  • How we as an industry can make improvements moving forward.

Roger Sels is VP Solutions, EMEA at BlackBerry and has extensive experience in system and network security administration, information security architecture, design, threat and attack modelling, penetration testing, incident response, risk assessment and risk management, policy development and governance.

In reaction to the SolarWinds breach, Sels says that we need to go beyond assuming breach and start testing the assumption that we have been breached.

“Today, the mantra that is most accepted within the CISO community is: ‘Assume that you’ve been breached.’ I think that assumption really needs to be tested, the tools are there, the specialists are there, there is no valid reason not to test this and not to test your suppliers.”