Attacks Accelerating Faster than 5G

In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Dr. Rebecca Wynn also discusses:

  • The future of work-from-home;
  • The impact of 5G on cybersecurity;
  • The difficulties of securing the healthcare sector;
  • And artificial intelligence and deep fake

Dr. Rebecca Wynn, a world-renowned global CISO and Chief Privacy Officer. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in cybersecurity, information risk, and privacy, Wynn is also regarded as one of the Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity, awarded the Cybersecurity Professional of the Year in 2017, and has earned more than 10 Dept. of Defense awards and certificates of achievement.

Speed is the enemy of security and as 5G is widely adopted and internet speeds increase, the threat also increases. In addition to addressing the evolution of 5G, Wynn also weighs in on how medical equipment and biodevices have outpaced security:

People built this [medical equipment] for the greater good to save lives; they didn’t build them thinking about security, privacy and compliance and [that] someone was actually going to hack this. So it’s not only on the healthcare personnel who are trying to do security and privacy … But it’s also that the devices that are saving lives are so much ahead of the curve compared to having security and privacy by design.