Identifying Cybersecurity Personas hold

Truly targeted messaging begins with identifying cybersecurity personas

The cybersecurity market has grown dramatically in the past decade spurring innovation and new business opportunities. Many security professionals are working behind the scenes every day to facilitate this growth. Some of them are not always so apparent to cybersecurity marketers. But each one of these individuals has an important responsibility to the security organization. And they are all potential customers.

Our advisory practice has allowed us to identify cybersecurity personas deep within the organization and strategically place them into like groups, understand their collective needs, analyze purchasing behavior, and then build detailed profiles to facilitate targeted messaging.

Cybersecurity persona behavior determines the trajectory of your buying cycle

The path to purchase of a cybersecurity product or solution is not always linear or determined by one stakeholder. Cybersecurity marketers must be ready to alleviate the concerns of the entire security organization. In particular, identified cybersecurity personas, such as: information risk managers, IT security practitioners, information security officers and other stakeholders such as fraud prevention, compliance, and audit personnel are crucial participants in the buying process. Considering the many silos within the security organization, every persona will have specific security needs based on job function.

Due to a persona’s subject matter expertise (after all they will be using the product on a daily basis), your marketing messaging has to satisfy their specific requirements and concerns. There are hundreds of personas to identify and target who are responsible for an organization’s security posture.

Deep knowledge and experience in cybersecurity marketing gives us the leading edge in persona identification.

We understand the challenges marketers face trying to connect with when identifying cybersecurity buyer personas.  You may have a large audience of prospects but they may be speaking to you at the same time. It’s not always easy to listen and understand them. Your prospects may be a few architects in cloud security, a team from compliance, and some from security information and event management. These prospects are all interested in your product, but for a different reason.

We identify and align the cybersecurity personas to your product or service.

When your cybersecurity prospects are grouped together, they speak collectively as one, their voice is loud and clear. You know exactly what the group needs as a whole and can personalize your communication strategy accordingly. Our cybersecurity marketing advisory team’s data model profiles cybersecurity personas with precision. We map the special qualities of each persona to the best content for their security information needs.

Detailed persona profiles to accelerate your marketing strategy

Once we have grouped your customer segments into personas, we continue building out a more detailed profile to accelerate your marketing strategy. From our extensive knowledge model and various datasets, we are able to place where your personas interact online and in real life. This allows us to understand their content consumption habits and their ideal media preferences. A complete persona profile is necessary for the most targeted messaging as it contains the persona’s job-related tasks, influences, pain-point, and overall business goals.

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