Cybersecurity Marketing Advisory

Cybersecurity marketing advisory optimizes your business strategy.

Regardless if you are a startup or mature organization, the same question often arises:

Am I marketing my cybersecurity product in the most scientific, efficient, and powerful way possible? ”

CyberTheory can provide the answer.

Advisory services for cybersecurity companies in any stage.

A cybersecurity marketing checklist is helpful in determining the kind of advisory services your organization may need. In discovery phase, we begin our engagements by focusing on the three core organizational competencies: people, processes and technology.

1. Do we have the appropriate people?

A startup organization may not have a CMO or even an established marketing team.

A more mature organization’s marketing team may not be achieving defined business goals.

2. Are we performing the right processes?

A startup may need to establish personas, produce content, and define a lead generation strategy.

A mature organization’s marketing strategy may not be producing the expected results.

3. Are we utilizing the right marketing technology?

A startup may need help building their martech stack around their core marketing and business requirements.

A mature organization’s martech stack may be costly, ineffective, and inefficient.

We are exclusively devoted to cybersecurity marketing advisory

Other marketing firms claim they have clients in the cybersecurity space. But none of them are specialized to our extent. CyberTheory’s proprietary data models target the right buyers for your product.

In the five years from 2017-2021, analysts anticipate total spending to exceed $1 Trillion dollars. [1] Marketers must accept the challenge of intense vendor competition. Many similar products and solutions are all competing for the limited attention of cybersecurity decision-makers.

Stand out in the security vendor crowd

Our cybersecurity marketing advisory team utilizes scientific methods that are personalized, targeted, and produce measurable results. Our positioning as thought leaders enables us to guide your company forward with strength and resilience.

In-house marketing is not always effective or realistic

Startup cybersecurity organizations with secured funding must show consistent growth to their investors. Sales and marketing must be aligned to complement each other. Consider the cost-benefit of onboarding new hires. There’s no guarantee you have selected the right team-members or will achieve a timely ROI. And to make matters more challenging, the marketing profession has the highest yearly turnover rate of 17%. [2]

Mature cybersecurity organizations also struggle to achieve their marketing goals. They may have experts in technical marketing but don’t possess specialized cybersecurity knowledge. A consultation with one of our cybersecurity marketing advisors can show you how to optimize your strategy most efficiently. We provide your marketing team with valuable data focused on improvement, not just opinions.

Our specialized intellectual resources make the difference. Our team has 75+ years of experience completing successful marketing campaigns dedicated to cybersecurity. There’s no marketing problem we haven’t encountered, advised on, and successfully solved.



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