Zero Trust Council

Bringing Zero Trust Fundamentals to Cybersecurity

The Zero Trust Mission

The Mission of the CyberTheory Institute is to drive change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the greatest Cybersecurity challenges of our time.

Zero Trust is becoming both the security model of choice for enterprises looking to up their game and change the relationship dynamic between the attackers and defenders, and a pure marketing movement at the same time.

Far too valuable and necessary a concept and operational model to be abused by hype, we have organized founding members of the Zero Trust community into a fellowship designed to promote and advance the Zero Trust agenda throughout the world by demonstrating all of the ways in which Zero Trust can and should be implemented and for all of the right reasons.

Our goal is to change the shape of Cybersecurity’s defense agenda so that it fits around the Zero Trust strategy and forever re-arranges the attacker/defender dynamic.