“Know how to listen and you will profit even from the worst marketing plans.”

- Socrates
From messaging strategy and persona targeting, content development and creative execution, media planning and lead-generation, and all areas of sales acceleration – our cybersecurity marketing strategists can advise on all aspects of your marketing plan.

Messaging Strategy

Develop a brand new messaging platform…or validate your existing messaging strategy.

Our Process:

  • Ingest and analyze current brand story and messaging
  • Interview stakeholders and customers for insights on perceived points of difference (POD)
  • Prepare and analyze interview findings
  • Message research using ISMG 1st party intent data
  • Develop positioning and messaging platform
  • Provide 2nd layer of validation by submitting to a select group with the CyberTheory Client Advisory Board of
  • CISOs for their feedback, recommendations
  • Identify gaps and make recommendations to address

Persona Targeting

Know your customers and speak to their needs through persona development and targeting.

Cybersecurity buyers are savvy with very particular technology needs. Our experience in persona development – profiling and managing buyer personas – gives us the opportunity to map their special qualities to your unique value proposition. This type of alignment also ensures a personalized and efficient messaging strategy.

Cybersecurity Persona Mapping Methodology
CyberTheory’s base persona creation methodology is modeled from 3 industry-practiced tactics: proto-persona, qualitative persona, and statistical persona. This fundamental approach to development backed by first-party intent data, blind testing, and proprietary analysis methods forms the basis of our process.

Now that you have your messaging platform produced, who should you be targeting?
CyberTheory persona reports incorporate details on seniority, job function, influence, channel and information sources, association affiliations, trending intent topics, company firmographics, key challenges, purchase drivers and inhibitors, and more.

Content Creation

Content fuels all of marketing. Is your current strategy effective?
Our content strategists can assess your organization’s communication strategy, determine its performance, and provide recommendations to fill in deficiencies. We define how your content is connecting with prospects, aligning to business processes, and supporting the end goals of your organization’s marketing function.

  • Strategic Cybersecurity Content Guidance
  • Full-service content strategy support, from ideation to execution.
  • PDF-based assets (white papers, case studies, eBooks)
  • Interviews (video and podcasts)
  • Infographics
  • Blog entries
  • Email nurture/cadence assets
  • Website copy
  • PPC & social media ad copy
  • Events collateral
  • PPTs & presentations
  • Research & survey reports
  • Translations

Existing Content Gap Analysis
Document and assess performance of digital properties in relation to competition and KPIs. Compare the current state of content with the desired future mission/vision of the organization to determine content gaps.

Content Aligned with Your Marketing Funnel
Our content strategists build personalized content to support customers during every step of their buying journey. Be sure you are messaging to CISOs during the awareness and educate phases, not just the buy phase!

What’s Our Secret Sauce?
We get asked all the time – how do you create content that creates so much engagement with the intended target audience?!

It starts with exclusive access to a dataset of over 1 million cybersecurity professionals interacting with content across the world’s largest B2B media network focused on cybersecurity.