Satisfying the Shortage in Cyber Warriors

Rob Clyde is a senior board director of ISACA, the chairman of the board for White Cloud Security and an advisor to ShardSecure. And as the former CTO of Symantec for almost nine years he’s grounded in operational technology and is an expert thought leader in the cybersecurity space. He also sits on a variety of boards and has served as the senior C-level officer for many leading technology companies.

In ISACA’s recent 2021 State of Cybersecurity Study, 61% of respondents reported that cybersecurity teams are understaffed and 55% revealed that they have unfilled cybersecurity positions. Among other topics, Rob and Steve theorize about the best strategies to close the cybersecurity skills and talent gap, from training non-security employees to pivot in their career to educating children in K-12.

“Investing in training and education is key. So consider non-traditional methods. For example, do you have non-security staff who are interested in moving into cybersecurity? And could you provide them the cross-training and invest in them and help them do that? That will help build loyalty, but also help actually deal with this shortage.”

In this episode of Cybersecurity Unplugged, Clyde discusses:

  • The history of ISACA and the importance of professional organizations for cybersecurity practitioners;
  • Factors that contribute to the success of online training platforms like;
  • Board-level cybersecurity awareness;
  • How companies can do better at incorporating cybersecurity frameworks into the business.

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