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Engaging CISOs with Effective Content

With CyberEdBoard CISOs

JULY 25, 2024

2:00 PM ET I 11:00 AM PT

Engaging CISOs with the right content is crucial for cybersecurity vendors aiming to influence decision-making and drive product adoption. This webinar will explore the types of content that resonate most with CISOs, from thought-leadership articles and case studies to webinars and self-assessments.

With insights directly from CISOs, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of what attracts their attention and drives engagement. We’ll also discuss the importance of authentic, valuable content over salesy messaging, and how to leverage various platforms and formats to reach this critical audience.

who should attend?

Cybersecurity vendor marketers and sales representatives eager to sharpen their strategies, enhance their pitches, and successfully market their products to top-tier security professionals.


  • Identifying content formats (articles, interviews, case studies, webinars, etc.) that CISOs engage with the most.
  • Understanding the role of search engines and preferred information outlets in a CISO’s research process.
  • Exploring the types of events and education opportunities that CISOs attend and value.
  • Learning what types of content influence CISOs to consider new cybersecurity products of services.
  • Gaining practical tips on crafting authentic, impactful messages that resonate with CISOs and cybersecurity practitioners.

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Meet Your Panelists

cyberedboard members

CyberEdBoard is the premier members-only community of CISOs and industry experts in security and IT.

Vlad Brodsky

SVP, Chief Information Officer and CISO

OTC Markets Group

Michael Bray


The Vancouver Clinic

Key Takeaways

  • Engagement Through Diverse Content Formats: Understand the importance of quality and relevance.
  • Navigating Content Discovery via Search Engines: Learn how CISOs use engines for information gathering and SEO to enhance visibility.
  • The Impact of Events on CISO Engagement: Explore how attending targeted cybersecurity events can provide CISOs with valuable insights.
  • Content that Drives Product Interest: Analyze content that effectively gets a CISO to consider exploring new products, focusing on the credibility and data-backed effectiveness of these materials.
  • Developing Authentic and Impactful Messaging: Gain insight on creating genuine, relatable content that aligns with the core interests of CISOs. 
  • Multi-Platform Content Distribution Strategies: Utilizing multiple platforms to ensure optimal reach and engagement with CISO audiences.
  • Learning from CISO Feedback: Incorporating feedback to continually refine content strategies and ensure alignment with their evolving needs.
  • Prioritizing Value-Driven Engagement: Delivering content that emphasizes actionable insights and practical benefits, fostering CISO trust and interest without aggressive sales tactics.

CyberTheory Moderators

Mike D'Agostino

General Manager

ISMG & CyberTheory


Julie Jordan

Executive Director, Marketing & Media Strategy


CyberTheory is a marketing advisory firm focused exclusively on servicing vendors in the cybersecurity space. Led by former CMOs and practicing CISOs, CyberTheory sits at the intersection of cybersecurity, data and marketing. With ISMG as their parent company, CyberTheory retains exclusive access to proprietary communities from which they gather intelligence and validate the marketing strategies executed for their clients. They provide a range of marketing agency services including branding, messaging, persona validation, creative services, copywriting and content development, media buying and plan execution, and sales acceleration including martech stack development, lead nurturing and sales qualification.

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