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Pulse Report 2024

Discover What the Cybersecurity Industry’s Top Minds Are Talking About

The ISMG Cybersecurity Pulse Report 2024 Report was meticulously crafted through a unique, AI-powered methodology that synthesized insights from more than 150 expert interviews and 450+ sessions at the RSA Conference.

This comprehensive analysis identified 13 key conference themes, providing a holistic view of the cybersecurity landscape. The report delves into transformative topics like AI and machine learning, cloud security, ransomware defense, and more, offering unparalleled guidance for strategic planning and operational effectiveness.

Unlock a roadmap to the next year in cybersecurity with insights drawn directly from the industry’s top minds.

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Key Insights

  1. The AI Revolution in Cybersecurity. Explore how AI and Machine Learning are transforming threat detection and response, providing unparalleled capabilities to combat sophisticated cyber threats.
  2. Securing the Cloud. Dive into the complexities of cloud security and discover advanced measures to protect distributed applications against an ever-evolving threat landscape.
  3. Ransomware Defense. Understand the latest tactics in ransomware attacks and learn about cutting-edge recovery solutions to safeguard your data.
  4. Operational Technology (OT) Security. Gain insights into the critical measures needed to secure industrial control systems and protect legacy infrastructures from targeted cyber threats.
  5. Nation-State Threats. Learn about the sophisticated tactics used by state-sponsored actors and the global strategies required to mitigate these advanced persistent threats.
  6. IoT and Remote Work Security. Get ahead of the unique security challenges posed by the proliferation of IoT devices and the shift to remote work with human-centric, zero-trust cybersecurity architectures.

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