Personal Identity Wallet Back in Your Pocket

Richard Bird is the chief customer information officer for Ping Identity. Bird is a well-known, identity-centric security expert, a former CISO and CIO. In addition, Richard served as the global head of identity for JPMorgan Chase’s consumer businesses. He’s also a Forbes tech council member and has appeared frequently in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Business Insider and CNN on topics ranging from data protection regulations to cybersecurity-enabled consumer protection.

In Bird’s evaluation, identity is one of the operational problems that the zero trust framework can’t handle. Since every application has coded its own authentication layer, the security team could do everything right and still see app breaches. Bird succinctly sums up the identity problem:

“The verifiable credentials that are out there in the digital space, have no ownership by the people that they’re actually associated to. And it’s the worst thing that we ever did. … We built an entire digital universe and we completely forgot about empowering the people that are associated with using it.”

In this episode, Bird discusses:

  • How deep the application controls need to go if identity is the new perimeter;
  • Personal identity wallets as a possible solution to the identity and credentials issue;
  • SSO, multifactor and behavioral authentication;
  • The balancing act of privacy and security.

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