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How to Build Narratives CISOs Trust

CyberTheory takes the guesswork out of messaging by starting with intent data and CISO Perception Studies. We validate every messaging platform with input from CISOs, so you can adopt your fresh positioning with confidence.

Tell the Right Story

CyberTheory dives deep into CISO challenges, using proprietary first-party intent data to tailor your messaging. We ensure your brand’s story not only aligns with your USP but also demonstrates your ability to address critical cybersecurity pain points that CISOs actively struggle with.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

With CyberTheory, every piece of content is a targeted missile, not a shotgun blast. We transform insights into action, significantly improving marketing ROI for our clients by connecting with CISO concerns and validating our recommendations with third-party CISOs along the way.

Grow Faster

Our analytics and creative prowess, fueled by direct CISO insights, have proven to shorten sales cycles and elevate deal closures. The art and science behind our strategies ensure your solutions immediately resonate with the right audience, turning Awareness into Interest and Interest into Conversion.


Check Your Messaging

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Messaging and Positioning Services Offered

Supporting your end-to-end CISO Events Strategy from custom events to sponsorships and beyond.

  • Keyword Analysis and Recommendations for Paid Search
  • Research Discovery Analysis & Strategic Recommendations
  • Positioning Strategy and Consultation
  • Branding and Identity Development
  • Content Audit Strategy and Build
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Persona Development
  • Content Strategy Roadmap

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