The New Platform Offers Integrated Upskilling/Reskilling Programs for Cybersecurity Professionals at All Levels

Princeton, NJ – February 20, 2023 – Information Security Media Group (ISMG) is excited to announce the launch of a new comprehensive education and training platform – The new platform is focused on ongoing professional cybersecurity education.

With the threat landscape becoming increasingly sophisticated, the current state of cybersecurity is undergoing rapid evolution and change. These challenges, along with the consistent cybersecurity skills shortage, drive a greater reliance on qualified cybersecurity professionals. aims to provide solutions to these problems through contemporary education and awareness.

“At ISMG, we believe in education being the driving force for the cybersecurity community to reach its potential,” says Sanjay Kalra, CEO at ISMG. “The platform is one more step in the direction toward offering a world-class cybersecurity education curriculum that will address the present and continuously evolving learning needs of cybersecurity practitioners, leaders and teams around the globe.” intends to build cyber warriors at all levels in the field – from entry-level applicants to mid-level professionals who want to focus on specific cybersecurity skills, and senior practitioners and C-suite stakeholders who desire to keep abreast of the latest cybersecurity topics and emerging strategies.

“The platform offers the Warrior program that has custom-curated course paths to guide learners to master the topics required for their roles and to prepare them for various certifications. Whatever your need – upskilling, reskilling or knowing the essential tools as a CISO – we will help you close the gap,” says Brad Olive, executive director,

The platform will deliver formalized training via a managed learning service model. Designed by world-renowned security leaders, the courseware is categorized into business-centric, job-centric and technology-centric domains catering to the needs and capabilities of the learners. With several diverse learning paths based on practical scenario testing and gamified security training, the platform helps cultivate a cyber-savvy workforce, using a personalized learning experience. will also provide learners a competitive advantage of preparing for more than 140 cybersecurity certifications from industry-leading certification bodies.

“Our focus has been providing cybersecurity training and education that is in context of what practitioners face daily in their respective industries and geographies since the day the firm was founded,” says Steve King, managing director,, ISMG. “ISMG was providing practical guidance on multi-factor authentication (MFA) implementation in response to 2005 MFA guidance from the banking regulators in the United States back in 2006. Now we are ready to provide a wide range of training and education for all regulated industries globally in partnership with our faculty of thousands of industry practitioners.”

In addition to the curated learning paths, the platform will offer custom courses on categories developed by industry stalwarts that help combat the complexity of present-day threats. Topics include zero trust by John Kindervag, zero trust network architecture (ZTNA) by Dr. Chase Cunningham, API security by Richard Bird, and payments fraud by Troy Leach. The training regimen also includes non-technical topics for the C-suite executives, including data privacy, hybrid cloud risk management, and ways to address the issue of human error in cybersecurity.

The new platform aligns with’s mission to ‘Close the Gap’ in ongoing, professional cybersecurity education, and bridge the gap between the demand for cybersecurity professionals and the shortage of skilled resources globally.

About ISMG

Information Security Media Group (ISMG) is a global education and intelligence company focused on cybersecurity. ISMG maintains the world’s largest network devoted solely to information security and risk management. Each of our thirty-three media properties provides education, research, and news, specifically tailored to key vertical sectors including banking, healthcare, and the public sector; geographies from North America to Southeast Asia; and topics such as data breach prevention, cyber risk assessment and fraud. Our annual global summit series connects senior security professionals with industry thought leaders to find actionable solutions for pressing cybersecurity challenges.

About is on a mission to ‘Close the Gap’ by providing comprehensive cybersecurity education to the industry. Millions of cybersecurity jobs go unfilled today globally due to a shortage of essential skills. From basic cybersecurity skills to job/role-specific skills, the shortage of qualified resources is overwhelming. And this gap continues to expand with every new attack, every new technology innovation introduced at an organization, every new compliance requirement, and every new business initiative that extends an organization beyond its physical boundaries and geographical reach. provides the cybersecurity training and education needed to close this gap. Taught by a faculty of industry-renowned practitioners, the courseware on is focused on building resiliency and improving the capability maturity for cybersecurity programs at organizations of every size.