Eliminating the Threat of Ransomware

In this episode of Cybersecurity (Marketing) Unplugged, Darling also discusses:

  • How to deal with ransomware and STASH Global’s solution;
  • The challenge of privacy and data security on social media networking sites;
  • Janine’s career development story;
  • Quantum computing and the vulnerability of PKI. 

Janine Darling is the founder and CEO of STASH, a data compromise and ransomware protection solution. She is an award-winning CXO and technical strategist who has held prominent leadership roles for commercial product and service companies of multiple genres. She has driven the expansion and profitability of many well-known global brands including Sony, Barnes & Noble, Everlast, Chanel, Mark, Nestle, Samsung and Starbucks. Her expertise in devising innovative business strategy and leveraging well considered risk to optimum outcome is well documented. Darling’s commitment to transparency and trustworthiness is a constant; customers are always center stage.

Janine is a keynote presenter and speaker at numerous domestic and international cybersecurity events including the Women in Technology International Conference (WITI), The Armour Expo, The Future of Technology Summit in Washington D.C. and the APEC Digital Economy Conference, as well as serving as a panelist and moderator at other events.

Janine joins Steve King to discuss the current cybersecurity landscape and what STASH’s solution brings to the table in order to help. Speaking about the pervasive and persistent problem of ransomware, Janine elaborates:

What we have done at STASH is take a look at why this is happening. And we develop something that completely circumvents ransomware. What it does is if a company is held up and frozen by people who want to do them harm by stealing their data, or by manipulating the data or destroying the data, you can simply go to the STASH dashboard, and you can click a few buttons. You can restore data by the entire system to versions through date and time. … And you have circumvented the ransomware on the other side without paying the ransom.