CyberTheory is at the forefront of intent data utilization

Contact-Level Intent Data

But that’s not good enough for us and our clients!

We also rely on a massive set of 1st party contact-level intent data from the world’s largest and most comprehensive media networks focused on cybersecurity: ISMG.

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ISMG is an intelligence and education firm focused on cybersecurity and related areas.  ISMG retains a portfolio of 14 brands, 35 online media properties, 350 events annually, and a subscriber-base of 1.2MM subscribers who account for 150,000+ interactions across the network daily.

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How Do We Analyze This Data?

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How Can This Data Be Utilized For Client Campaigns?

The short answer is that this data is used for every single project.  More specifically, here are some typical use-cases:

1. Messaging Strategy

Utilize the findings to create a brand new or validate an existing messaging platform designed to take your product/service to market.

2. Persona Targeting

Reaffirm the exact ICP (ideal customer profile) of the market segment most interested in engaging with content related to your product category.

3. Content Mapping Against the Buyer’s Journey

Determine if the types of assets that attract and create engagement with your target audience are driving leads down the sales funnel.

4. Media Buying Efficacy

Before you go to market syndicating content and generating leads, understand if certain assets and messaging will resonate with your target audience to create the best demand-generation outcomes.