Cybersecurity Lead Generation

After content conception comes lead generation Once content is conceived and produced, it needs to be set free, make its mark on the world and ultimately create an impact. By utilizing owned and paid channels, our marketing advisors take a careful, precise, and meaningful approach to cybersecurity lead generation.  We are passionate about connecting the […]

Identifying Cybersecurity Personas

Truly targeted messaging begins with identifying cybersecurity personas The cybersecurity market has grown dramatically in the past decade spurring innovation and new business opportunities. Many security professionals are working behind the scenes every day to facilitate this growth. Some of them are not always so apparent to cybersecurity marketers. But each one of these individuals […]

Cybersecurity Product Marketing

The same old cyber story doesn’t cut it.  How many times have you heard the words zero trust at a conference from various sponsors? Dozens of times probably. We see the same words touted over and over again, the same terminology, and the same brand imagery. How about those “bad actors” cloaked in hoodies? Scared? […]

Cybersecurity Marketing Technology

The cybersecurity marketing technology world is a galaxy now A decade ago, web site analytics and email software might have been enough for cybersecurity marketers to compete online. For example, yearly spending on just marketing automation was $100M in 2009, according to marketing automation insider. Back then, organizations focused primarily on advertising technology and websites. […]

Cybersecurity Marketing Campaigns

Cybersecurity Marketing Requires Dedicated Project Management Introduction As enterprise cybersecurity spending increases, more and more vendors are competing for limited attention. How do you blast through all the noise and be heard by those senior level cybersecurity decision makers? What’s the secret to positioning your product as the one and only? There’s no magic recipe or […]

Cybersecurity Marketing Advisory

Cybersecurity marketing advisory optimizes your business strategy. Regardless if you are a startup or mature organization, the same question often arises: Am I marketing my cybersecurity product in the most scientific, efficient, and powerful way possible? ” CyberTheory can provide the answer. Advisory services for cybersecurity companies in any stage. A cybersecurity marketing checklist is […]