The Need for Cybersecurity Experts

In recent years, cyberattacks have transcended industries and demographics. In the modern cyber landscape, everyone is a target and every business needs to defend itself against cyber threats. Driven by an explosion in the number of cyber roles in the market and a scarcity of qualified security professionals, this market of low supply and high […]

Knowing You Have a Problem is a Good Start

A major restaurant chain last week announced that malware had infected its order-entry systems to steal customers’ payment card information. On their point-of-sale (PoS) systems, which are typically the target of retail malware attacks, they had taken the precautionary step of enabling end-to-end encryption. While this encryption blocked malware attacking its POS system, it was […]

Worldwide Threat Assessment

The Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community is a document published each year, which itemizes the significant threats to the U.S. and its allies. This year’s report claims that China and Russia pose the greatest espionage and cyberattack threats to the U.S. but also warned that other adversaries and strategic competitors like Iran […]

Marauding Through the Shadows

As we have been trying to point out this and last week, the cloud as an opportunity gateway for cybercrime and broad vulnerability exploit places it squarely in the first place as human error targets – folks who use the cloud in private contexts (with data and credit cards) continually, while unwittingly raise the stakes […]

Recapping Our CISO Engagement Research

Research Reports We see a lot of research reports as we are sure most marketers do as well. We write quite a few of them ourselves. On topics ranging from brand storying to personalized video experiences.  ABM to Influencer marketing. Cyberwarfare to ransomware. We just published the result of a large research project we helped […]