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Rational Marketing in Cybersecurity

Rational Marketing in Cybersecurity

Intro An interesting piece by James Bone for which we are, as always grateful – James has an active mind and is constantly trying to satisfy his intellectual curiosity – the key takeaway for marketers from the dilemma of choice faced by their prospect personas from my point of view is an invitation to add […]

Human-Centered Cybersecurity Part 2: Zero Trust


There is a saying in cybersecurity that the human element is the greatest vulnerability, but that statement does not provide context for the scope of the opportunity to leverage the human element to mitigate cyber risk. Information security officers have begun to adopt the language of risk management in response to the growing threat. One […]

Human-Centered Cybersecurity Part 1: Cyber Paradox


To say that cybersecurity has gotten confusing and complicated is an understatement, yet many of the debates about information security have been ongoing for more than 30 years. Many of the debates have centered around semantics, education, compliance, security posture & practice, risk management and technology. Technology and compliance have advanced more rapidly than the […]

Enterprise Risk Management: A Branch of Organizational Behavioral Science

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This is the first study of risk performance of board risk committees and enterprise-wide risk management. The study opens the “black box” of risk management at the board governance level and reveals new findings and surprising insights into improving board governance and the ERM risk function. Read the Full Report Here 2020 has become one of […]

Artificial Intelligence meets Cybersecurity

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Opportunities and Challenges The development of artificial intelligence has become a national strategic imperative for countries as diverse as China, Russia, UK, US, France, Canada, and thirteen other countries. Likewise, the market for artificial intelligence software automation is expected to grow substantially in the next 5 years. Estimates are the use of artificial intelligence will grow from approximately $10 billion in 2019 […]