The Definitive Zero Trust Guide

Zero Trust

There has been so much word salad thrown around Zero Trust, we look to John Kindervag to provide the proper definitions behind his Zero Trust creation.

Growing Urgency for Increased Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Recently, a cyberattack targeting Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) 111 service, the system used to refer patients for care, including ambulances being dispatched caused a loss of service. The attack was one of many global healthcare related attacks that have bombarded the digital ecosystem since the covid pandemic began.   Covid and the correlating growth in […]

Peacetime and Wartime

Sequoia Capital, in their now infamous Black Swan memo and 57 slide PowerPoint presentation, uses the difference between peacetime and wartime behavior to illustrate an analog about what companies must do to survive in each. We saw a re-issue in the last few weeks. Their message is in peacetime, companies must maximize and broaden the […]

A Clear Present Danger


The Worldwide Threat Assessment from the U.S. Intelligence Community is a document published each year, which itemizes the significant threats to the U.S. and its allies. This year’s report claims that China and Russia pose the greatest espionage and cyberattack threats to the U.S. but also warned that other adversaries and strategic competitors like Iran […]

Playing Cowboys in a Cybersecurity Warzone


The Information Theater In the context of cybersecurity, we are not talking about information warfare per-se, or even intelligence about threats, though it plays a factor.  What is typically meant by information in our context, conjures up the recent Russian meddling and Asian psycho-warfare, and is certainly not new. Threat intelligence has been around a […]

Disadvantages With Technology in Cybersecurity


Technology is Great, But it Ain’t The Answer The first major technologies were tied to survival, hunting, and food preparation. In 2.5 million years, nothing has changed. The thesis for cybersecurity is simple: We have too much, it’s the wrong kind, and it does us little good. I know I just made about 4,500 enemies. […]

Cyberwar in Ukraine: Using Insecure Websites to Take Control

On the evening of Thursday, 13 January, cyberattacks were launched against Ukraine government via their website, En-masse. The cyberattacks were termed and considered as cyberwarfare. They were suspected of coming from Russia whilst discussions between the two countries and NATO took place. Russian forces continued increasing and building their forces on the border of the […]

Is There Really a Way to Reverse the Momentum in Cybersecurity?

Momentum in Cybersecurity

We are all aware of the many threats plaguing our cybersecurity defense apparatus with new ones emerging almost daily. Why we got here is more interesting than how we got here, but focusing on reversing the course and slowing momentum in the how reveals the lowest hanging fruit and the way we can get out […]

The 5 Steps to Zero Trust


Explore the enduring relevance of Zero Trust in cybersecurity. Learn the 5 essential steps to implement this data-centric approach for robust network security.

Not Secure?


Explore the link between ‘Not Secure’ websites and cyberattacks. CIP’s research shows poor PKI management risks your security. Learn Zero Trust strategies.

Change – Much Needed – Hard to Come By

For things to change, we need to change the way we address security. By not doing so, we risk the insecurity of the entire digital world with global economic repercussions. What do the following, recently cyberattacked organizations have in common: SunWater, Media Markt, the FBI, the Department for Transport and Ikea? Apart from all suffering cyberattacks […]

Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters


SunWater’s 9-month cyberattack exposes glaring security flaws, putting data and infrastructure at risk. A must-read for C-Suite and cybersecurity pros.

Insider Threat on the Rise


Explore the rise of insider threats in cybersecurity and how Zero Trust architecture can mitigate risks.

The Complexity Problem


In a “flashing red” cybersecurity state, defenses fail as threats rise. Explore why Zero Trust is urgent amid outdated systems. Act now.

Predictive Context


Explore the future of cybersecurity: rising threats, cloud vulnerabilities, and deepfake tech. Learn what’s at stake for enterprise security.

Once Upon a Time


Explore why the U.S.’s $18.78B cybersecurity budget falls short. Learn about the lack of unified defense and the urgent need for a robust strategy.

Not Enough


The evolution of cybersecurity and the challenges facing today’s CISOs. Learn why traditional marketing strategies are failing and how to adapt for the future.

The Road to Becoming the Epicenter of AI

Uncover China’s growing influence in U.S. tech and cybersecurity. Learn about their strategic investments and the inadequate response in this eye-opening blog.