Account Based Marketing

ABM bridges the marketing and sales divide with intent data.

Regardless if you have a list of accounts or need support in generating one, we have developed a proprietary ABM knowledge model to extract the most precise data from each and every account. Your sales and marketing teams are enhanced with a highly targeted marketing funnel with the most qualified leads.

My ABM efforts are focused on:
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Account Based Marketing Simplified

Our practice focuses on consolidating customer intent data across channels and platforms. Once data is structured, we analyze various pivots of the information into more targeted and optimized nurture flow. Every account becomes enhanced with the most necessary criteria to ensure an increase in conversion rates.

Define Intent Topics

Determine the customer behavior intentions to target.

Filter Selection Criteria

Align the collected intent data to marketing goals.

Go-To Market

Produce and execute an ABM strategy based on defined marketing.

Measure Results

Compare ABM strategy performance with marketing goals.

Guidance for every step of the marketing cycle.